Photo of wedding cake on a table with fancy decorations.
  • Saturdays: $3250
  • Fridays & Sundays: $2900
  • Monday-Thursday: $2625
For more information, contact Linda at 301-879-0409.

Policies and Rules

  1. Hours of rental:
    • April to October: 8 AM - 10 PM
    • November to March: 8 AM - 12AM (midnight)
    • *Depending upon size and date of event you may have a time extension at the rate of $200 per hour

  2. - Guests are permitted for no more than 5 consecutive hours
  3. - Maximum number of guests – 175
  4. - You can use your own caterer or you can self-cater
  5. - Responsibilities of renter are posted in Cherry Hill Park kitchen
  6. - A security deposit of $350.00 for use of the contracted premises is added to the above amounts and is due 3 weeks prior to the event. This security deposit shall be returned to the renter provided the rules and regulations are followed and there is no damage, destruction and/or unusual clean-up of the premises.